Sunday, 19 March 2017

#Newpostalert! Are you a starfish in bed?

Well, I couldn’t sleep longer so I woke up and my sleeping position was in my mind. Funny but yes! Who thinks about their sleeping position ever? Well, I do.
So it’s a calm Monday morning, 8.10am to be specific and before I rush out to flip some papers, I decided to just see what my sleeping position says about me. 

I occupy my entire bed. I soo pity the person who will be willing to share that bed with me for the rest of his glorious life. But for sure I know I will also have to deal with something unpleasant like someone squeezing toothpaste from the middle, so basically it will be a win win.
I sleep like a star fish. I consulted sleep junkie today and he says that if you sleep with your back with arms up then you sleep like a star fish. Mmmmh!
Unfortunately my (I have owned it) sleeping style leads to snoring (ps. I don’t snore) and less rest.
Some of the personality traits of an individual who assumes the starfish sleeping position include: good listener, introverts and loyal friends. According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, people who sleep in the starfish position make very good friends but also hate being the centre of attention. I totally agree with his findings.

After toiling the whole day all I want when I get home is my bed and to lie down in this position. It makes me feel free and happy. I wake up well rested and with the desire to face the day.
My future husband, please invest in a good bed so that I can sleep like a starfish and you can get away with squeezing the toothpaste from the middle or top.